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Peter Contastathes, Owner of Forward Realty has put together one of the best first time home buyer programs for Forward Realty clients here in NC & SC. He has bin putting hundreds of First Time Home buyers into homes for years, that thought they would never own a home due to credit, money down and other factors. He even put people into the first time home buyer programs that owned a home before and that where turned down by other real estate companies and lenders.

What we do for our First Time Home buyers

What we do for our First Time Home buyers
We offer $100 to $1,500 total money down programs, where you will own a brand new home from the start for the same or less then renting.

Over 5 different First Time Home Buyer Programs available for Forward Realty Buyers. Not just 1 program like others might offer.

Forward Realty figures out the best program that fits your credit and financial needs no matter what the case is.

Free credit counseling for those clients that need help. We get you back on track and into a home.

No application fees

Take control: Avoid rent increases and canceled leases while creating a home that meets your needs and tastes.

  • Build home equity: Grow your assets with the principal portion of your mortgage payments as your property value increases.
  • Get tax benefits: Deduct mortgage interest and real estate property taxes on your income tax returns. (Consult a tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.)
  • Build your credit: Create a strong credit history by making on-time mortgage payments.
  • Stop throwing money out the window and making your landlord rich.


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